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marcus evans congresses bring together vendors and decision makers from a wide range of services and industries. Each event provides an opportunity for key suppliers to exhibit and demonstrate their products to the region's key professionals.

In an attempt to connect professionals and business leaders in the sales, marketing and tech industries, marcus evans has established several carefully designed congresses. These congresses allow separate parties to meet and discuss new innovations and developments within their industries as well as to facilitate mutually beneficial partnerships and business deals. Depending on which industry you’re in, marcus evans Congresses are also able to tailor your exhibits, so that participants will be able to see and understand your vision.

Global summits and business conventions overall are often hard to plan and even harder to execute. From location to participants, organizing big scale events like these need to be left up to the professionals. marcus evans specializes in hosting these successful business conventions, congresses and summits. With a portfolio including Fortune 500 companies, marcus evans not only has top-level experience, but the connections needed to establish and grow future events.

marcus evans holds both conferences and congresses, however many are unclear on what the differences between these are. Congresses are usually a lot larger than conferences and bring together hundreds and sometimes thousands of professionals who belong to a particular industry sector or group. They're designed to discuss a particular subject and presentations or keynote speeches are given by members of the organising body only. A conference is a little more informal and will involve attendees to participate in discussions, fact-finding and problem solving. A congress will usually run over a few days, whereas a conference is usually of limited duration with specific objectives. Congresses held by Marcus Evans are global and can provide a number of benefits to those attending:

  • Broaden your knowledge
  • Refresh and re-energize - taking a break from daily tasks to attend can help to refresh your thinking and open your mind to new ideas or ways of thinking.
  • Share with and learn from others
  • Network and grow yourself and your organisation professionally

Business conventions come and go year after year. In order to set yourself apart from the competition, you must be able to execute a unique and relevant event that works. marcus evans Congresses thrive in these situations. With experience in over 30 countries and more than 500 events, marcus evans Congresses understand how to bring high level business decision makers together in order to foster lasting and successful business relationships in a variety of industries.